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Air Group Dealer

Help Your Customers Breathe Better & Live Healthier With Exceptional Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Are you a contractor looking for a dealership opportunity, business coaching or training, marketing or sales experience, or team-building tools? You're in the right place! Contractor Nation is seeking contractors to join our newest network: CN Air Group.

What is Contractor Nation and CN Air Group?

Located in Seymour, Connecticut, Contractor Nation is North America's largest network of home improvement, repair, and service contractors. Contractor Nation is dedicated to helping contractors grow and thrive and has a proven track record of helping business owners just like you gain more time, wealth, and happiness!

CN Air Group is the latest network from Contractor Nation. Focused on providing the highest-performing indoor air quality products on the planet, Contractor Nation and its Air Group have helped millions of asthma and allergy sufferers breathe better and live healthier in their homes.

CN Air Group Dealer Benefits

  • Ready to sell on day one
  • Excellent add-on service for new and existing customers
  • Installs in as little as 15 minutes!
  • Access to on-demand videos — train your team right from your location!
  • Low investment, high profit margins
  • Consistent revenue stream and recurring business
  • Includes a complete marketing package — brochures, videos, and materials all available on our Dealer Resources Site
  • Access to year-round, on-demand training and coaching to help run every aspect of your business

Why join the Contractor Nation Air Group network?

As part of the CN Air Group network, you'll have exclusive access to our industry-leading indoor air quality products. You'll also get to enjoy the many benefits that come from being a part of an established network. Learn more about our products and the advantages of joining Contractor Nation Air Group below.

Access to Industry-Leading Indoor Air Quality Products

CN Air Group's experts have developed two high-performance machines designed to provide the ultimate indoor air quality solution: The Aspen Air Purifier and the SuperDry XS Basement Air System.

The Aspen High Performance Air Purification System

The Aspen is the most advanced and efficient air purification system in the world. This state-of-the-art air purifier is capable of removing 99.97% of pollutants down to 1 micron; that's 10x smaller than a single human hair! Simply put, nothing gets through it — except clean air!

The Aspen uses a unique 3-stage air filtration process that allows for maximum airflow and filtration effectiveness. A different filter is used during each stage to target different pollutants and remove them from the air.

  • Stage 1: An allergy filter removes large particles like dust, pollen, and pet dander.
  • Stage 2: An activated carbon filter removes gases and odors.
  • Stage 3: A microparticle HEPA filter removes the tiniest of particles, including smoke, soot, bacteria, and viruses.

The Aspen cleans all the air within a 1,500-square-foot space. Ducts distributing air into and out of the room means the Aspen will have a positive impact throughout the entire house.

The SuperDry XS Basement Air System

Designed to protect the air your family breathes as well as the contents of your basement, the SuperDry XS Basement Air System is the most powerful and effective basement dehumidifier of its kind.

This industry-leading dehumidification system can accommodate a basement spanning 2,000 square feet. While it uses the same energy as a normal dehumidifier, the SuperDry XS can remove 10 times the amount of water from the air, up to 109 pints per day. And unlike a normal dehumidifier, it's self-draining. Once it releases dry air back into the space, the SuperDry XS will automatically drain the water out through a hose so you never have to worry about emptying the reservoir.

Join Contractor Nation & CN Air Group today!

Ready to join Contractor Nation and become a CN Air Group dealer? Get started in two simple steps!

  1. Register as a dealer and purchase your Starter Pack, which includes 4 Aspen and 4 SuperDry XS units.
  2. Watch our online training and sales videos to get you and your team up to speed on all the great benefits these two incredible machines offer.

That's it! As a CN Air Group dealer, you can feel proud knowing you're selling high-quality products at a great rate — all while growing your business!